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Cut the crap
« on: January 06, 2016, 12:44:28 PM »

Cut the crap-processed foods.
The supermarkets have less basic food if any. The isles are full of factory prepared food. The most lucrative section is the pre-packaged vegetable, salad, juiced section. It has become the largest labour intensive section of most supermarkets.Meat is sold in packages often pre-cooked complete with condiments. Many of these products and others are unhealthy and the sad part is most people know and do nothing to change. My local market is selling fresh juice on ice which is basically cut up fruit blended raw in bottles. Outrageously expensive and of questionable merit. There is not a fruit drink or canned juice in the food section that is fit for consumption. Eat fewer highly processed foods such as sugary drinks, sweets, salty snacks and processed meats with many ingredients, additives and preservatives. My view of hot dogs, lips, noses and AH's. I haven't even started to define sausages. When diet or food is discussed the typical person goes brain dead and changes the subject. Yet food takes more time and effort than anything else in the daily life of many people. Even more so when they retire. ... -1.3241001 'Cut the crap,' get back to nutritional basics. "Avoid all highly processed foods."[/i]