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« on: September 30, 2013, 10:37:59 AM »


Moderators can delete and edit posts, and give warnings and/or penalties to those who don't follow the guidelines. If a moderator edits your post (to fix HTML problems, or to take out correct a part not in keeping with the board rules), the post will be clearly marked as having been modified by a moderator, and the original post will still be available.

In the end, the final word ends with beast (the Administrator and Owner) decision. All actions taken by the moderators are logged, and an email is sent to beast explaining the action.

You are free to discuss the rules, as long as you keep it civil. Mocking the rules, going off on a tirade about the rules, and other such behavior is inappropriate. If you have suggestions for rule changes, post a well reasoned argument on the board, or send a PM to beast about it. I've even been known to change my mind on occasion.

Again, do not take it upon yourself to enforce the guidelines with other users. If you see something that is out of line, use the Report Abuse link near the bottom of any post and then leave it alone.

We can use all the help we can get monitoring the boards and making sure the conversation stays on track. If you see something that you believe is out of the boundaries of these guidelines, click on the Report Abuse link at the bottom of the post. Please don't take it upon yourself to say what is or isn't appropriate for posting on the board. You are welcome to disagree with a poster's position all you like, but leave the appropriateness determination to the moderators.

Likewise, when you see an inappropriate post, do not respond to it. Call it to the moderators' attention by clicking the Report Abuse button near the bottom of any post. Posts saying "Gee, I'm surprised this is still here." don't help matters. Responses in support of posts that violate the guidelines may result in administrative action.

Contrary to popular belief, the moderators do not read everything. This site is NOT actively moderated. There is a group of moderators, and they also happen to enjoy reading the board, so sometimes they will delete a post before it is reported. They don't read everything, and aren't always on the site, so please notify them if you see anything you believe is inappropriate or requires their attention.

Note that the moderators and administrators DO NOT have the time or inclination to be "thought police." In fact, rich factual discussions representing a variety of viewpoints is what makes this board an enjoyable place to visit. Note, however, that the best judgment of the moderators may be required in certain circumstances in interpreting and enforcing both the policies and the guidelines. As well, situations outside the policies and guidelines may arise from time to time, and the moderators will handle those in their best judgment.



- be polite, adequate
- don't abuse your power
- always try to prevent the violation
- help to the newbies
- watch if the rules aren't broken hardly

Remember! All situations are different. Please be flexible!

Please find below the rules with which this forum is moderated. These are the rules that moderators should adhere to, when doing their job. Of course, like several things in life, this is not final, changes will obviously be made in the future, as with any forum.

Moderator Guidelines

The moderators are the people who make sure that users are following the Forum Rules. They are here to help members and to protect members and the forum itself, from those few, who do not want to act as adults. Their job is not an easy one and they are not compensated for their work, so I have to thank them all for offering to help me run this site.

The rules below are established in order to make their life and members life easier.

1. The moderator's role is to enforce the Forum Rules among the Forum members. This is an administrative task, not a law enforcement task and should be treated as such, both by the moderators and the members.

2. The moderator acts as a role model for the rest of the members. The moderator's behavior has to set an example to how other members should behave in the forum.

3. The moderator does not have friends and enemies, all members should be treated the same by every moderator. A moderator should not allow his personal feelings to influence his judgement about the content of this forum, or the behavior of the members. These are defined by the forum rules and the moderator's personal feelings have nothing to do with them.

4. The moderator has the right to edit or delete members threads or posts, if he/she thinks that these are not according to the Forum Rules. He/she is not allowed to edit or delete a thread or a post, simply because he/she does not agree with its content or the member who submitted it. Typically a thread or a post will be edited or deleted, if it contains politics, vulgar or foul language, nudity or comments which can be insulting for other members of the forum, keeping in mind the international characteristics of the Internet. Please be advised, that your original post, before it is edited or deleted by the moderator, is stored in a special area, for dispute resolution.

5. A moderator has the right to move a thread to another forum if he/she thinks that this would be a more appropriate area for that thread. A relocation message should be left behind, so that people can follow up the thread. Please keep in mind that this board has a Warning System, through which the moderators can issue warnings to members who do not follow the Forums Rules. Usually moderators do not warn new users for 'offenses'. However, a seasoned member will be warned, if his actions are not according to the Forums Rules.

6. A moderator has not the right to ban a user from the forum. This will be done only after consultation with the other moderators and the forum's administrator. A moderator should use the Warning System to issue warnings for members offenses. These warnings CAN result in a member being banned and this is not considered a violation of this rule. However, a moderator should consult with other moderators and/or the forum administrator, before issuing a 'Permanent Ban' warning (see the FAQ, for details on the Warning System).

7. When a moderator participates in a discussion, he/she should do it in accordance with rules (2) and (3) above. In no case, should a moderator use their administrative role, as a weighting factor in such a discussion. When participating in a discussion, the moderator is treated as just any other member, and is subjected to the same rules that apply for the members, only he/she is judged more strictly, since he/she has to set the example for the members.

8. Every member who has a specific and documented complain about a moderator should directly discuss the problem with the moderator. If he/she is not satisfied with the outcome, the member can notify the forum's administrator, with their complain, while concurrently cc-ing the particular moderator. I expect both members and moderators to act as responsible adults, not as babies.

9. Moderators should always keep in mind that this forum is (and will always remain) a gentleman's playground, where members come to enjoy themselves. They deserve the utmost respect, and that is what they should get. Your actions should be well justified and the member against whom you are taking actions, should be aware of the reasons which caused your actions. Under no circumstances a moderator can edit/remove a thread or post, without explaining his actions to the offending member.

10. If a moderator faces a severe problem with a member, and he is not sure how to handle it, it is best to bring the problem to the 'Staff Lounge' for discussion. The same is true for the members of course, according to number 8 above.

11. A moderator is not allowed to share their user name and/or password with anyone, this will result in a permanent ban for themselves.