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Rules and Guidelines
« on: September 30, 2013, 10:36:18 AM »

  1) Do not Disrespect anyone, Rather it be the Staff or Members. If there is someone that you don't like here, then don't bring your troubles here either. No one wants to hear a 45 year old, act like they are a 3 year old.

2) Don't Question the Rules, If you don't like the Rules here, then SMF has a free Software for you to download (for FREE) so you can make your own site, with your own rules

3) Some of the material maybe not suitable for young kids. The average age of people that goes to Forums is between the ages of 35 - 65 years of age and you know how we sometimes act like a 14 year old in heat. There is a reason why I have this site set up for people 18 years and older.

4) No posting of Kid Porn ..... PERIOD. There are too many porn sites on the net now .... We don't want this site one of them. Any posting of kid porn will be directed directly to the proper authorities.

5) Members may post pictures in the "Media" section. Just remember, Picture posted there may be viewed on the front page via a site slide show.

6) No spamming - No Advertising .... Any spamming will be banned and then reported to ''All Anti-spamming Centers" so they can block you too. Remember, This site and any other sites on the net has access to your IP address and Hosting Information and you will be charged $5000 usd, per unauthorized advertisement.

7) Suggestion are just that ... Suggestions .... If you have an idea, comment or suggestions that you would like to see here, then just ask ... This is a site that likes to get suggestions from the whole member group, not just from staff.

8 ) Staff members are not paid Help .... They are respectable people that We have know for years that has proved themselves to be trustworthy and an honor of knowing. This site would not be here if it wasn't for it's members and Staff.

9) Please post in the respectable area ..... If you don't see the area that it needs to be posted, then please post the topic in the "General Discussions" area.

10) Do not use other peoples ID and also to pretend that you are someone else ... This action will result in a permanent  bann.

11) One (1) email Address per User Name .... You can not and will not be allowed to use the same email address for more than one account. This is a security process and If you happen to forget your Password, an email will be sent to you to reset your password.

12) Use appropriate user names Please .... No cuss words, etc ....

13) , Admin or any of the moderators may change or delete any inappropriate posts depending on reported posts.

14) This site may change a bit without notice, as many releases comes out, many features may change.

15) Common sense ..... Please use Common sense, these are not all the rule because hopefully your parents has raised you good enough from knowing the difference between Good and Bad ... and Right From Wrong.

16) Do not use other peoples ID and also to pretend that you are someone else ... This action will result in a permanent  ban.

17) No Copy Righted Material unless you are the owner of the material .... If you come across any Illegal copy righted material on this site, please PM ( Private Message ) beast and also Hit the "Report To Moderator" within the post so I can review and/or delete the Illegal Material.

*These Rule are subject to change or added to, at any time, without warning or notice*


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Rules and Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2019, 08:58:06 PM »
Oh God...

I saw that Tsu had posted in this forum and though...

"OH GOD, Graham and Ian have made Tsu a Moderator AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH"