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Wolf   Wolf picture Of Fear and Wonder: Looking very much like domestic dogs, wolves inspire fear and wonder. Look at the large breed domestic dogs to get a sense of the body configuration of the wolf muscular, deep-chested bodies covered with fur, a long muzzle and large ears. They range in color according to species, but a consistent characteristic is the wolf's long, sharp canine teeth, excellent for stabbing prey. The Iconic Gray: The most iconic wolf species is the gray wolf. Its mournful howl pierces the silent night as a way to make its presence known and to defend territory. The gray wolf is one of the largest members of the canid family. The Reintroduced Red: The red wolf was believed to be extinct since the 1970s. A few remaining individuals were reintroduced into the wild and have established a slim population of 50 wolves.


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I think wolves are very intelligent....

Wolf Howls