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Black Bear   Black bear picture Fit for the Forest: Although black is the most common color of this bear, fur color can range from light brown to dark brown and even grayish blue. Although adaptable, forests tend to be the black bear's favorite haunt. Its sharp claws are great tools for ripping open old logs in search of grubs and worms as well as for tree climbing. A Varied Diet: A solitary, predominantly vegetarian creature, the black bear uses its keen sense of smell to search out fruit, nuts, berries and roots. However, this bear will also eat insects, honey, fish and small mammals when the opportunity arises. The Bear Facts: It is an excellent tree climber, and despite its size, regularly ascends to the treetops to eat. The larger and more erect ears and the lack of a shoulder hump distinguish the black bear from the brown bear. Like most bears, the black bear hibernates in winter, which can last as long as six months in the more northern areas of its range. I WANTED TOPUT THIS UP BECAUSE WE HAVE ONE IN TOWN RIGHT NOW. FISH AND GAME HAVE TRAPS AROUND TOWN....