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Badger   Badger picture A Member of the Mustelid: Badgers belong to one of the largest carnivore families the mustelid. This group includes skunks, otters, minks, polecats, wolverines and, of course, badgers. Mustelids can be found in a variety of habitats throughout Eurasia, Africa and the Americas, although their favorite surroundings are forests and bushes. These disparate critters are tied to the same family by their short legs and elongated bodies. The badger's short ears, five toes on each foot, short snout, and long tail, and long, nonretractable, curved claws are also clues to its mustelid family heritage. Badger, Badger, Badger: All species of badgers, such as the honey badger, Eurasian badger (one of the few species that enjoys group dwelling), hog badger and American badger, are similar in appearance. Fur coat colors range from silver-gray, dark brown or black to spotted or striped. The diminutive American badger is a miniature version of the Eurasian badger. Unlike its larger relative, however, this badger is solitary.

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