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Is it a giraffe?  Is it a zebra?  Is it a ziraffe?  A  gebra?  It’s an Okapi!  Ever heard of it?  Apparently, the  Okapi’s history reaches back to ancient Egypt, where carvings have since been  found.  In Europe and Africa, prior to the 20th century, there existed  legends of an “African unicorn.”  Today, that animal is thought to be the  Okapi.  In 1887, Henry Morton Stanley reported on a type of donkey in the  Congo named an “Atti.”  Today, THAT animal is thought to be the Okapi as  well.  Scientists, zoologists, and scholars know a lot more about the  animal today.  For instance, the fact that it is related to the giraffe,  despite it’s zebra-like markings, and the fact that the species Okapia johnstoni  is considered a “living fossil,” a creature who seems to be the same species as  it’s ancient fossils and has no close living relatives (I guess the giraffe is a  VERY distant cousin).  There are about 10,000-20,000 alive in the wild, but  since this dude is sooooo vintage, he goes on the list.

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  That is neat. I never even heard of them till now


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Very Pretty